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Reality Visualization (RV) Marketing Training Program


Common Marketing Training Gap

In the usually offered Marketing trainings, certificates and programs in Egypt there is a common unsatisfied need for both the trainees and the trainers which is lacking of the ability to make the attendants see what they learn during the training while it is being applied within the marketing department.
So to fill this critical gap, “EL-Nokhbah For Developed Training” is honored to present to you its recent “Reality Visualization (RV) Marketing Training Program” as the ultimate solution to this crucial unsatisfied need.


“ELNokhbah for Developed Training” invites you to join the “Reality Visualization-Marketing Training Program” and…….
Not to Miss the opportunity to see what you learn while it is being happening in the marketing department
Not to Miss that opportunity to have a “International Marketing Training Passing certificate” that is approved from the “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)” and “Microsoft”.
Not to Miss that working abroad possibility you get upon receiving your Free Internationally-Accepted “RV-Marketing Training Passing Certificate” which is registered from the “Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.
Not to Miss the opportunity to choose your preferred training times and dates from the various training schedules offered in the “Times and dates Schedule Grouping” table (available in the “Program Schedule” section)
Not to Miss the opportunity to choose the time and
Not to Miss the “Multiples-of-200” Pay-back Program (Explained in details in the “Program Payment Value and Offered Pay-Back Program” section)

"RV-Marketing Program" Brief
  • This new 64 hours multilayered training program, was developed from Maastricht School of Management (MsM), Netherland by “ELNokhbah” team between year 2015 and 2016 to be offered to you as an affordable opportunity to join an Internationally-Certified multilayered training program that adds to you a different new set of training standards by which you can see what you learn during the training while it is being applied within the marketing department.


  • Upon joining this different multilayered training program you will be able to link the marketing knowledge you receive plus the practical skills you acquire during the training with what you watch in a 36 multilayered visualized-reality videos showing the marketer’s execution of most of the day-to-day marketing activities.


  • The 36 multilayered videos are to be coupled with their corresponding practical workshops and MsM-approved multilayered exercises that:- Challenge your marketing knowledge,
    – Upgrade your marketing thinking, and
    – Develop your marketing skills in a multilayered manner.
"RV-Marketing Program" Contents

The 36 multilayered videos mentioned above are classified within 12 episodes to cover the different marketing key concepts and principles


  1. Marketing Concept and Strategies
  2. Marketing External and Internal Analysis
  3. Understanding Consumer Behavior
  4. Understanding Business Buying Behavior
  5. Marketing Research
  6. Segmentation , Targeting and Positioning
  7. Product strategy
  8. Customer Gaps
  9. Product Development

10. Pricing
11. Distribution
12. Integrated Marketing Communication

"RV-Marketing Program" Agenda for each Episode

Episode Introduction
This provides a summary of the episode’s theme and presents the Introductory Video.
Episode Concepts
This section presents the concepts which conceptualize the issues addressed in the episode.
Concepts Interactive Situational Exercises
This section presents interactive exercises in which you utilize your understanding of the concepts to address the issues raised in the Introductory Video.
Episode Resolution
The Resolution Video depicts how the situation presented in the Introductory Video played. During the Interactive resolution section the attendant are to be prepared to think and consider a how the resolution may have differed if other choices were made.
Episode Case
The Case Video may take the issues raised in the Introductory Video and Resolution Video a step further or present an additional situation which relates to the concepts underlying the episode.
Discussion Section
This section presents discussion questions related to the issues raised in the Episode.

Episode Project Execution
This section involves the practical phase in which the attendant executes step (s) in his/her marketing project related to the covered episode.

Who Can Benefit From The RV-Marketing Training Program?

Those calibers willing to join the marketing career for the first time.
Those calibers who had previously taken marketing course(s) and/or training(s) but still need to be acquainted with and exposed to what really happens in the marketing departments of the international companies
Those calibers who had previously taken certificates of attendance from non-international marketing course(s) and/or training(s) and need to have an Internationally-accepted Marketing Training Passing certificate
Those who are already working in the marketing career but need to cope with the international professional standards of marketing execution
Those who wish to join the marketing career outside Egypt and need to acquire an Internationally-accepted professional marketing training passing certificate

The Program duration and Schedule

64 Training Hours executed within two or more months according to your selected scheduled group from the following “Times and Dates schedule Grouping” Table:

Group Name Group A Group B Group C Group D
Starting Date(s) 1st Week of February 2017 1st Week of February 2017 1st Week of February 2017 1st Week of February 2017
Training Day(s) Sunday & Tuesday Monday & Wednesday Saturday Thursday
Time/Day 6.00-10.00 pm 5.30-9.30 pm 1.30pm – 7.30 pm 4.00pm – 10.00 pm
Program Duration/Group 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 11 Weeks 11 Weeks
Instructors profiles

Dr. Khaled T. EL-Kersh

Mr. Mahmoud A. Embaby


Dr. Khaled T. EL-Kersh
El-Nokhba Founder & Managing Director
MBA, Maastricht School of Management, Netherland
Business Consultancy and Training Mission Statement:
– Converting the 12 years of business and marketing management experience together with the international academic knowledge into a competitive add value for companies to manage their business in a more effective but still more economic manner.

Educational Profile:
– International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), 1996, Excellent.
– B.Sc., faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cairo University, May 2001, Good.
Post Graduate Academic Profile:
– International Master of Business Administration (IMBA), Maastricht University, Netherland, Accredited from the International Association of MBAs (AMBA) and The 1st in the 4 Palms of Excellence category.
– Strategic Marketing Diploma, Cambridge University.
– Sales and Marketing Certificate, “18” Sales, Marketing, Negotiation and Business Communication courses within 380 hours, American University of Cairo (AUC).
Work Development Courses:
A variety of work-development courses reaching about Twelve courses in the following fields:
– Sales,
– Marketing ,
– Management and Leadership.
Management Profile:
– 10 Years of Managerial positions in several National and International companies (2004- 2014)
– 4 Managerial Promotions within 8 years with an average of a promotion every 2 years (2008-2014).
– Direct and Indirect subordinates included 5 product managers, about 15 District Managers, 30 supervisors and 10 Area Managers.
– Last managerial title is “Marketing Operational Manager” which includes:
1) Sales analysis
2) Marketing Budget analysis
3) Profit and loss analysis
4) Developing the existing sales and marketing operational systems
5) Designing new business models aiming for more rapid system execution with better cost effectiveness.
Sales and Marketing Profile:
– 14 Years of Sales & Marketing Experience with several titles in several International and National companies.
Executed projects and Designed Business Models:
– Business projects including:
a) Marketing projects,
b) Strategic projects,
c) Financial projects, and others.
– Designed Business models including:
a) Marketing department operational models,
b) Sales Forecasting model ,
c) Sales activities model,
d) Service distribution model,
e) Warehouse operational model, and others.
Events of Honor:
• 2010 Honored by the Scientific Office Manager for the “All-Paediatric Campaign” Impact on the Sales and EGPi Image.
• 2011 Honored as Best Product Manager Achiever with Best Performance
• At Year 2012, Selected for lecturing in a “Marketing Diploma” of a “Strategic Marketing Course” for Post Graduate Cairo University Commerce calibers by dr. Tamer ELSharnooby, an Assistant Professor in College of Commerce and is a Thesis supervisor for Maastrich University, Netherland.
• At Year 2012, Selected from about 25 MBA Maastrich Calibers to attend and talk in one of Cairo University lecture venues with College of Commerce students as a model of career success at a young age.
• At Year 2014, Honored for successfully initiating and managing “Korean Export Process for the first time in EGPi History by the Vice Export President.
Stories of Success:
– At least one story of success at every occupied managerial title.
History of Training Experience:
– “Sales process Techniques as Marketing Perceives” module within an MBA, Western University.
– “Business Communication Skills” within an Information Technology Diploma.
– “Required Skills To Pass an Interview” within an Information Technology Diploma.
– Certified “Lead To Change” course, registered from Egyptian Ministry of Communication.
– “Marketing in Pharmaceutical Practice”; to more than 30 AinShams faculty of pharmacy students at one of AinShams Lecture venues.
– Other “In-work” Trainings during 8 years of sales and marketing management to more than “Seven hundred” working colleagues including more than hundred “Middle” and “Higher” Managers.


Mahmoud A. Embaby

Marketing Manager
Educational Profile:
– BSc Of Computer Science
Post Graduate Studies Profile:
• Professional Diploma In Marketing, Westbrook University, USA,
• Google Partners Workshops, Google INC.
• Market Studies Workshop, Hewlett-Packard (HP)
• Project Planning Course, Self-Learning International (SLI)
Sales & Marketing Experience Profile:
– 10 Years of Sales & Marketing positions in several National and International companies
– 6 Years of Sales & Marketing Managerial Positions
Executed projects and Designed Business Models
Business projects including:
• Marketing projects.
• Strategic projects.
Designed Business models including:
• Sales department operational models,
• Sales activities model.
History of Training Experience:
“In-work” Trainings during last 6 years to sales and marketing Teams.

The Program Payment Value and Offered Pay-Back Program:

Program Payment Value if Not Participating in the Offered Pay-Back Program: 2850 L.E.

to be paid on two installments as follows:

  • 1st Installment: ~ 65% (1800 L.E.) to be paid within the allowed registration period
  • 2nd Installment: ~ 35% (1050 L.E.) to be paid after the execution of half the training period which is after 32 training hours

NB: 1) The Installment payment system applies also with the required payments from those who want to benefit from the Pay-Backs system

2) The attendant is supposed to receive a two-week prior notification for the 2nd installment payment time.
The “Multiples-of-200” Pay-Back sProgram:
Please see the following “Pay-Backs Action Scheme” Diagram knowing that upon executing the required actions in the scheme you will be benefiting extra 200 L. E Pay-Backs from your total payments for every single action you make.

NB: The more actions you make the more “multiples of 200 L.E. pay-Backs” you benefit…

“ELNokhbah for Developed Training” Governmental Registration Codes:

409256 رقم السجل التجارى 
171712 رقم شهادة  ترخيص مزاولة المهنه
 526-044-055 رقم البطاقه الضريبيه

For more Information and Registration:
Visit us at ELNokhbah office address 26 A Khedr ELToony Street, from Al Tayaran St. (besides Stadium Underground station), Floor no. 7, Apartment 710, Nasr City
From: 01:00 pm till 10:30pm
Call: +202 2260 5006 / +20 10 930 41374 / +20 10 930 51884

Payment Location:
At ELNokhbah’s address: 26 A Khedr ELToony Street, from Al Tayaran St. (besides Stadium Underground station), Floor no. 7, Apartment 710, Nasr City From: 01:00 pm till 10:30 pm

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